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About The Chiropractic Place

We’re known as the friendly and relaxed family practice that delivers results to those in Hudson, Streetsboro. The Chiropractic Place is passionate about working with families, from babies and children to parents and grandparents. We provide precise, customized care that not only eliminates pain but promotes the state of wellness.

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A Chiropractic Journey

Dr. Jason has been in practice since 1998 and was the owner of a thriving practice in New Jersey for almost two decades. He and his family decided to make the move to Hudson in 2016 and are excited to build new and rewarding patient relationships at The Chiropractic Place.

Our community mission remains the same, however: to educate and adjust as many families as possible to create optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

One of Many Success Stories

Early in his career, Dr. Jason was contacted to consult with the mother of a 14-year-old boy who had injured his back playing soccer. The boy was so badly hurt that he couldn’t go to school and could barely walk. He was scheduled for surgery. Although the mom was nervous about chiropractic, she was terrified of the prospect of surgery. Reluctantly, she decided to allow her son to be adjusted. Six weeks later, the boy had recovered and the surgery was cancelled. This young boy is now 25 and still continues to receive chiropractic care — as well as his mom, dad and four sisters.

Chiropractic is truly a family affair!

Our Practice Difference

The Chiropractic Place is warm and welcoming, and our goal is to create an environment that’s comfortable and nurturing for people of all ages. We not only treat our patients with respect, but we treat them like family. In our decades of practice, it’s been common to see three or four generations of the same family all in the office at the same time. We also emphasize education and provide chiropractic seminars and specialized health workshops.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding service at a fair price. We’re in the business of changing lives and offering hope. Can we be of help to you? Contact us today; we offer same-day appointments and feature late hours.


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